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Hello you lovely people. As the Black Friday weekend comes to an end, I have partnered with FSJshoes to bring you one last awesome deal. If you have watched my latest YouTube video then you know that I’m all about shoes this month. I have always loved shoes but I’ve never really been able to afford having a gorgeous collection until recently (watch my latest YouTube video to see how I started growing my shoe collection).

FSJshoes is an online store that specialises in hand-made shoes of all sizes to accommodate all of you gorgeous ladies – from those of you with tiny feet to those with bigger feet. They’ve got you all covered girls! And daaaamn their shoes are super FLY! If you’re looking to attend a fancy dinner or event this festive season then you need to visit their website to grab a pair of these gorgeous heels! What’s more, they are having massive flash sales right now! Do yourself a favour and visit their website TODAY so that you don’t miss out on any of these good deals. Their shoes are pretty affordable and at the same time pretty damn gorge! I can’t wait to get myself my own pair of FSJ shoes. Rest assured that you will always be getting your money’s worth but if for some reason you are not satisfied, they have a return and refund policy.

Here are links to some of the shoes they currently have in stock:

Lace up heels

Black lace up heels

Grey lace up heels

Nude lace up heels

What I love most about their website is how effortless it is to navigate and find what you’re looking for. They have properly categorised all the shoes they offer according to shoe type, heel type, heel weight, occasion and fashion style. This makes it very easy to find shoes based on your personal preferences. I also really love the beautiful images constantly passing through the carousels. Being an IT guru, this online store definitely gets a tick from me!

If you’d like a discount code, let me know in the comment section and I will try to hook my gorgeous sisters up!

Visit FSJshoes today and bless yourselves with some FSJ shoe magic!

PS: I’m now working with my sister Aggie Ogallo, who helped me with editing this article. She is such an awesome freelance writer. Talk about girl bosses in the family! Feel free to DM me for her contact if you have any work for her.

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