POWER TO THE WOMAN – even if men keep trying to bring us down

Hey guys. I know I haven’t done a “power to the woman” post in a while. With all the nasty things happening in the world to women right now, it’s really hard to find that women empowerment inspiration. I thought I had lost all hope in the cause when Trump became president but with the arising increased attacks on women I knew I had to speak out. I don’t know if the situation is becoming worse, or just more evident.

Dear Men,

‘It feels like now there’s no one we women can trust. Even the men we think are there to protect us the most are the ones who hurt us the most. Just last week, there was chaos on social media about the guy in South Africa who killed his own girlfriend. Date rapes and domestic abuse are becoming a common occurrence. Even family members are hurting each other. Who are we ladies supposed to trust?

Who are we to blame? We can’t blame the women who raised them because they are just the same as us and probably tried their best to shape their ways. But these men are quick to blame us, for all their gross and dirty behaviour. Don’t they understand the meaning of no? No doesn’t mean “we’re playing hard to get”. No means no. Women are not the reason for your foul minds. You cannot blame your sinful ways on the next woman walking down the street with a short skirt, or sleeveless top. Can’t you control yourself? You are not animals.

I am just so upset at all the horror stories I’ve been hearing lately. Women are not objects. Stop objectifying us. We have minds…and hearts and are capable of making our own decisions. We are not sexual objects for you to play with. Respect us. Respect our decisions. Respect our bodies.

Men, you have mothers. You have sisters. Treat all women how you’d treat your mothers, or how you’d treat your sisters. Imagine some other foul male treating your mother they way you treat women…Would you like that? You all need to style up. And stop raining on our parade. We’re just here to work. To live. To breathe. To flourish. Stop trying to ruin us.

From Teshie

And now, I slay with this outfit where I show off my melanin and feel like a super woman!

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  1. Shufaa says:

    Thank you for this post❤❤❤ this has really been bothering me lately coz it’s just so scary. It’s sad that men don’t seem to view women as their sisters and mothers and daughters.
    It’s really necessary to speak about it till someone listens.
    Thank you. ❤

    1. teshieogallo@gmail.com says:

      I know Shufaa. It’s also been troubling me for so long and I decided I need to speak out about it. I’m so glad you liked it. and you’re very welcome 🙂

  2. Super woman Indeed……. Preach dear!!!!! And slay on girlie, love this post and looooooove the outfit :0

    1. teshieogallo@gmail.com says:

      Thank you soooo much love!!!!

  3. Wanjiku says:

    Nice post and you’ve spoken the truth about men who act like small boyz or rather beasts…they need to learn how to practice self-control.

    1. teshieogallo@gmail.com says:

      Right. Like I just don’t understand why they act as though they are animals with no self-control. It’s so sad. Thank you love.

  4. This skorts are everything!! I love how you styled them, the hair, everything. And great post on women.

    1. teshieogallo@gmail.com says:

      Thank you so much love! I fell in love with the skorts immediately I saw them too!

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