Teshie Ogallo Olympus EM-10 MK III review

Heeeey guys!!! Happy new month of October. Okay as usual a lot has happened in my life since the last time I posted. In the blogging scene, I attended a bunch of cool events during my vac and partnered with a couple of new brands which is all very exciting.  One of the events I attended was for the launch of the new Olympus camera which was a try and test event. It was all so fabulous because we got to shoot with the camera (which will be launching soon) on the ‘oh-so-famous’ Long Street. The event had a limited number of bloggers/media personalities meaning we all got sufficient time to study and play around with the camera… And oh my goodness guys, did I not fall in love with it!!

The bloggers invited were mainly travel and lifestyle bloggers as Olympus wanted to emphasise the suitability of this new camera to lifestyle and travel bloggers.

What I loved about the Olympus EM-10 MK III:

1. The size. It’s not big and bulky making it perfect for us lifestyle bloggers who want to vlog or capture moments on-the-go in our every day lives.

2. The design. This camera is designed to perfection. It has this classic, retro, yet elegant look making me wanna pose with it instead of pose for it.

3. It’s user-friendly. We only had about an hour to shoot with it and in that time we didn’t need countless YouTube videos to learn how to operate it. The instructors at Cameraland Cape Town were kind enough to quickly show us the basics and they let us explore it from there. Also the automated options in terms of auto focusing and choosing the best light and mode was very impressive.

Teshie Ogallo Olympus EM-10 MK III review

4. Numerous editing options. I always thought that most of the work comes in editing content (which it does) but this camera made our lives so much easier as we could apply filters and other different high-end settings before taking a shot. Also these settings were not complicated tech words but easily named like “night-time” filters. The following photo was taken with a night time setting.

Teshie Ogallo Olympus EM-10 MK III review

5. Built-in WIFI. This makes it easy to share photos real time through their app on various social media handles like Instagram which is definitely a plus for bloggers.

6. Image crispness. Last but definitely not least, I loved the quality of the photos oh my word. They were just so crisp and the mood and tone reflect the mood in real life which can sometimes be very difficult to get in a shot.

Teshie Ogallo Olympus EM-10 MK III review

Teshie Ogallo Olympus EM-10 MK III review

What I didn’t love about the Olympus EM-10 MK III:

I was so in love with the camera until I found out that:

1. No mirror screen. It doesn’t have the mirror screen vloggers NEED when vlogging which kinda sucks big time. When I raised this up with the Olympus crew, they said that this should not be a big issue as one could connect the camera via WIFI to the Olympus app on their phones and use the phone application as the mirror screen. But let’s be honest guys, who has time to handle two devices while vlogging? Not me…

2. Price. The camera will retail at R15,500 (lenses included) in South Africa which I can in no way afford at the moment. Even though I must add, I do think it’s worth it. I’m just praying by God’s miracle somebody somewhere feels like gifting me with this gorgeous device because my oh my the content I could create!!!!

Anyway, here are a few pictures of how the evening turned out. Stay tuned for the vlog on my YouTube channel. I’m busy putting together all the fun stuff I did last week so bear with me. Otherwise I hope you all have a lovely evening and week.

Teshie Ogallo Olympus EM-10 MK III review

Teshie Ogallo Olympus EM-10 MK III review

Teshie Ogallo Olympus EM-10 MK III review

Teshie Ogallo Olympus EM-10 MK III review

Teshie Ogallo Olympus EM-10 MK III review

Teshie Ogallo Olympus EM-10 MK III review

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  1. Dhanusha says:

    It sounds and looks amazing! Great post. I hope someone blesses me with it too.

    1. teshieogallo@gmail.com says:

      Thanks love. Honestly crossing my fingers.

  2. Julie O says:

    Oh girl, amen to point number 2!
    I agree though, it would be worth it and what a dope event, right? Hope to see you again soon xx
    Julz | FrameAmbition.com

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