oh my gosh I am way too excited for this post, I couldn’t even wait to put it up..This is mostly because it involves one of my most recent projects. As you may have noticed I haven’t come up with any projects in such a long time…. I had been feeling so demotivated and uninspired.. However, last weekend I attended a retreat and this helped me so much because I found the will to continue sewing and creating a few of the things I love.. I came up with this female bag collection during the course of this week. I hope you like it. Feel free to make your orders and I’ll be more than willing to make you one. I am saving up for two things which I hope to achieve by the end of this year so my hope is that you guys can help me reach my goals by buying Styletech products 🙂

And now for the bags.. My bestfriend Jillian who I am forever grateful for helped me with all the photos and even in modelling the bags.. Thank you so much Jillian. I really appreciate it.

This post might be lengthy so I hope you’re prepared lol..brace yourselves 🙂

1. My Pink Zebra Print Baby

This one has to be my absolute fave!!! I love pink so much and this cutie was just perfect in every way. I decided to pair the zebra print with pink material after watching the ‘Sparks’ music video by Hilary Duff and there was a zebra print couch in the video with a pink coat resting on it. I just couldn’t get over how well the two matched. For my outfit, I thought I should try mixing different patterns. I’m usually very bold and daring in my dressing but I’ve always been too shy to mix patterns. However, I went all out with this look and decided to mix the polka dots with the zebra print. I think I did a good job, right? The pink dress is actually my sister’s and was bought in Dubai, the polka dotted crop top was bought in the UK, the wedges which are my mum’s are from H&M. Haha in case you haven’t noticed, all the girls in my family including my mum share clothes.. how lucky are we?? 🙂 This one is going for ksh 700 or R80






The dress made me feel like Cinderella so I gave a little twirl 🙂

2. My Black Leather Baby


This one is my second fave, mostly because the faux leather is different from what I usually work with. It gives the bag such an edge. I used some leftover kitenge material (which I had used to make a friend of mine a skirt last holiday) for the handles and top of the bag. Jillian chose to pair this bag with a striped peplum top from Mr Price and leggings. She wore black heels from Nine West(also my mum’s) to finish off the look. This bag can literally go with anything and I feel is a must have ! This one is going for ksh1000 or R100





3.  My Blue Kitenge Baby


Like most Kenyans, I’m a fan of our very famous kanga material and so I had to use it in some of these bags. The print is just too beautiful. I paired this bag with a dress that I bought from Fashion World in Capetown (my fave dress shop). I wore the shoes Jillian was wearing with the black leather bag  which are from H&M. This one is going for ksh 700 or R80





4. My Red Kitenge Baby

IMG_20150626_164231[1]This bag is similar to the blue one. I used red kanga material instead. Love it so much. The colour is so bright 🙂 Jillian paired this bag with a dress also from Fashion World and shoes from Nine West. This one is going for ksh 700 or R80




How classy is this dress though? Love it!!



I really hope you like the bags and enjoyed going through this post. Please feel free to order for any you may want, like, comment and share the news about Styletech’s Ladies Bags collection 🙂 🙂

Thankyou so much for stopping by 🙂

until next time


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  1. Dana Fashina says:

    Oh congratulations beautiful!!
    These are awesome!

    1. teshieogallo says:

      Thankyou so so much 😊😊😊

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