My Curly High Bun :)

Hello my lovelies..

So today I’m doing a hair post. I am braiding my hair tomorrow for the rest of the holiday because I feel like my hair needs a break as it has been open for 3 months with no protective styling whatsoever. I decided to therefore do my last ‘open hair’ post of the year. I will try to come up with something for you guys with the braids though so don’t worry, this is not officially the last hair post this year.

Anyway today I wanna show you guys how I do my curly high bun. I hope you like it.

So I start off with bantu knots. I am assuming and hoping that you all know how to do bantu knots. If you do not, just go type in bantu knots on you tube and you’ll find more than enough tutorials teaching you how to do them, pretty easy if you ask me. So anyway for this style, you do not need perfect bantu knots. All you need is your hair to be curly so if you are able to achieve curliness without bantu knots then well and good. I made my bantu knots big and I did not leave them to dry for too long so my hair was slightly wet when I removed them and the curls were undefined. This is fine.

I forgot to take a photo of how my bantu knots looked before I removed them but I took a photo of my sister’s bantu knots which she has just done. They looked similar to hers.


The following picture is one of my hair after I had removed the bantu knots


As you can see the curls are not defined and I repeat this is fine for this hairstyle.

I then pushed my hair up using an elastic band and tied it into a high bun. I know this is better explained through actions and so I found this nice youtube video that shows exactly how to tie a high puff/bun using an elastic head band. Click here to watch the video.

This is the final product.





haha excuse my love of selfies..Try it out and see how it turns out.

Hope you enjoyed the read.

until next time my lovelies…


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