LIFE UPDATE! Let’s get deep. . .

Hey my lovelies. I know it’s been a while since I posted here. I hope y’all have been A1. My life has just been so crazy this first half of the year. But crazy in a good way because I’ve been keeping myself busy. I honestly can’t believe June is almost done. I just wanna share with you guys a few things that have been happening in my life lately since I haven’t been posting here too much. I was actually planning on doing a video on YouTube about my life update because less people would watch it and I really feel like now that I am working with brands my blog needs to be a bit more professional. However, it’s still my personal blog so expect these emotional real-talk posts once in a while šŸ™‚

1. Getting serious with YouTube

This has been a big part of my life this semester. I have always loved the whole creation process that goes into YouTube and I think my first YouTube video was actually in 2015. However, there was always something holding me back from going all in.. YouTube is such a scary space to me and sharing stuff on that platform takes a lot of guts. However, I think it’s time I get out my comfort zone and just do it wholeheartedly. This has been a year of me going for what I want and feeling unapologetic about it so that’s kind of my vibe with YouTube now. I would really love and appreciate it if you guys support me on that journey as well. I’m really going to be posting often over the next few weeks as classes are over and holidays are around the corner. So make sure to subscribe šŸ™‚ Attached below is the link to my latest video. Share with me your thoughts and what you think I can improve on.

2. Partnering with some cool brands

I can’t emphasize just how grateful I am for this gosh. I realized this year that The Secret does really work. This was something I had been wanting to do for over a year and I’m just so proud of myself for actually making it a reality especially being in a foreign country!! If you wanna see some of the projects I’ve been working on just scroll through my blog. I have so many other projects lined up for the next half of the year and I’m super duper excited to share them with you all as they unfold.

3. Getting featured in a lifestyle magazine

Oh my gosh. I know I’m not really allowed to talk to you guys about this yet but I am just so so excited. I can’t give you exact details but I will be featured in an online lifestyle magazine very soon. The content is supposed to be released in August and I will obviously share the photos and videos with you on my social media and maybe here on my blog as well. I really can’t believe they picked me but I’m so grateful they did. I had so much fun during the shoot which was at Wembley Studios in Cape Town and actually got to shoot a few behind the scenes footage for my vlog which I have already edited and have scheduled to release it tomorrow. Therefore, make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel if you don’t wanna miss out on that.

4. Getting fired from my styling job

Well this was a bit of a downer. If you’ve watched my YouTube video where I talk about my April achievements, I mentioned how I would be styling a shoot for a music video that would be aired on Channel O and MTV Base. Well, I was fired from that and honestly speaking I’m so relieved they did. I feel like those I’m working with need to remember that first and foremost I’m a Computer Science and Information Systems student and that will always be my first priority until I graduate. This styling job required way too much of my personal time and was not paying me as much as I deserved. Furthermore, I did not really agree with the values of a number of people on the production team. When they fired me, I was going through a really rough week in school with assignment deadlines and tests and it was really sad to see that they did not care about that at all. However, I understood that they also had deadlines which needed to be met and I made up my mind to walk away even before they fired me. I just didn’t know how to tell them as they had already paid me a deposit. After trying to explain myself and them not understanding why I was slow on communicating or sending them necessary documents on time, they fired me and told me to send them back the deposit money which I did. I felt so RELIEVED after I did though. The styling job would have coincided with my exam studying and I do not want to take any chances with my degree in my final year. Otherwise, I wish them the best in everything.

5. Losing weight

Oh My Gosssh! I can’t even begin to count how many people have been commenting about my weight lately. Yes, I know I have lost a ton of weight. I am not working out. I am not starving myself. I am not sick. I am just really busy and being busy comes with its perks. I actually love my current weight. Some people have been saying that my curves are gone and I look too thin and young now but heck I love looking thin and young so please just let me be!! I’m actually way too in love with myself and my body this year and really don’t Ā have time for negative talk so please don’t be annoying and comment about my weight. I know already! I see myself in the mirror every day.

6. Handling school and my upcoming exams

I don’t even know how I have managed to stay on the top of things in school with this whole other busy fashion career life. But I did it somehow. We have just wrapped up our semester assignments and lectures and are waiting for our final exams so I’m just busy studying and preparing myself. I thank God and my family’s prayers for making me get this far this semester. I’m really grateful and hopeful for the exams.

Well that’s it folks. Feel free to leave me a comment down below sharing with me whatever hustles or achievements you guys are going through during this first half of the year. Would love to talk to you guys.


Until next time


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