Hairstyles of the month- #retrochic

heeey heey hey my lovely lovehearts.. 🙂 🙂

I know I’ve been MIA this past week. I hope you all had a lovely week, enjoying the last bits of the world cup.. I don’t know about y’all but I’ll surely miss all the excitement..and I hope the best team wins tonight.. though I’ll be supporting Argentina(yes, yes, I know..the ‘underdogs’) Turns out I have faith in the underdogs plus I don’t like the way Germany humiliated Brazil in the semi finals. After this, we’ll all just be forced to sit back and wait for the football season in August 🙂 can’t wait!

In other news I’m so sad that I only have like one more week of holiday. I leave for Capetown on Saturday. I didn’t know 5 weeks were that short because this holiday has flown a bit too fast. I don’t think I’m ready for second semester yet especially because the weather in Capetown is so crap right now and then the school work..meeeehn! 🙁 Either way I’m gonna start this semester with a positive attitude making a number of changes in my lifestyle which I’ll share with y’all later on this week.

In today’s agenda… I know it’s been FOREVER since I put up a hair post. This is mostly because I’ve been in one of those moods where I have no psych at all to deal with this natural hair of mine… I’ve actually just been wearing it in simple bantu knots or head scarves. My fellow natural hair sisters you all know how our hair can be a handful at times and needs constant care and attention. Too bad I’ve not been feeling like giving it all the care and attention it requires. So about a week ago, after frustrations of the kinky hair, I decided to straighten it. Yes, I know.. Bad Bad Teshie.. I know how bad heat is for my hair and I’ve already apologized countless times to my beloved hair lol but I needed something easy to work with.

So anyway I wanna share with y’all all the different funky hairstyles I’ve been rocking with my straightened hair. I think I had so much psych to play dress up with my straightened hair firstly because I had missed hair that’s easy to handle and secondly as a sort of apology to my hair lol. The theme for all these hairstyles is Retro Chic because I found all the hairstyles so retro in one way or another. I hope you like them.

1.Bangs and Little Bun




This was a hairstyle I did after just flat ironing my hair. I flat ironed the front section of my hair into bangs and tied the rest of the hair into a little bun.

2. Fake Bangs and Bandanas




Hehe I know you can now tell just how much I love fringes, I think they are super cute. So anyway I know there are a number of you who would love to try out a fringe but their front hair is too long and they aren’t ready to cut it. Well lucky for you I have a way to help you get the perfect fake bangs without using a flat iron/straightener. All you need to do is take a section of your front hair(where you would want the fringe to be) and roll it up using a hair roller and pin it in place. Leave the roller in place for a few hours, about 8(so better do this before bed). Once you remove the roller your hair will have curled perfectly up hiding your excess long hair under the fringe, just like mine in the picture. I added a bandana to make the look more retro and cute 🙂 I went for a date with this hairstyle.

3. Straight Untied Hair with Bangs

Hehe yes yes bangs again.. I think I look good in a fringe, sue me 😛  Anyway with this style all I did was to leave my hair untied and combed down with bangs at the front which I achieved using a flat iron/straightener.





4.Flat twist and Little Bun



For this look I took a small section of my front hair, right across my head from one end to another, and made a flat twist which I pinned in place at the end. I then tied a little bun with the rest of the hair. cute huh? I went with this hairstyle for shopping. I like it because you can tie your hair back so that it’s not in your face and not getting messy as well and yet still look really cute.

5. Curly Updo



This look was inspired by a previous hairstyle of mine which I posted about.. Go and read the post for details. So anyway to summarize I just put rollers all over my hair and left them for about 8 hours. I then pinned up my hair  so that it looked like a curly updo. I think it’s such a lazy yet still edgy look. I went with this hairstyle to church.

6.  High Big Bun



For all of you babes like me who don’t have super long and bushy hair I’m happy to inform you that you can still achieve that big high bun by faking it hehehe. So with this hairstyle, I put rollers in my hair for a few hours, about 4. My hair was then bushy and slightly curly. i then used an elastic band to push the hair up and to the middle. Do not use a hairband to tie it as you will not achieve the big bun. Simply just push the hair to the middle with an elastic band and secure it with bobby pins. I wore this hairstyle to a date.

Hope you liked them and can maybe try out one or all of them and rock them just as I did..

until next time..


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