Hairstyle of the Week- Curly Updo

Heeey heey guys.. Guess who just finished their exams? yeah that’s right.. meeee! I’m so relieved though you have no idea. I also can’t wait to go back home on Sunday. This winter is doing me no good. Plus I’m so sick and tired of having to prepare each and every meal for myself, I want to be cooked for without worrying about where my next meal is coming from and even just be fed. lool okay there I was just kidding.

So anyway on today’s agenda. . . I think I was just so happy yesterday about almost being done with exams that I decided to give my hair a treat. After an hour or so of watching those naturalistas’ videos on youtube I fell in love with this one hairstyle which I thought could also work well with my hair. Follow the link to watch the video of the blogger I got the idea from and subscribe to her as well. Her posts are really cool.

I started by blow drying my hair but not too much because you know how heat damages our hair. First,  divide your hair into two sections. The bottom half should have more hair than the top section.  Pin up the top section of your hair or tie it with a hair band.  The next step is to plait or flat twist your hair, depending on whichever you’re most comfortable with, from the bottom coming up,  stopping right just before the front tied up section of your hair. I personally prefer flat twists because they are easier to do and in my opinion look better. Secure the ends of the flat twists with bobby pins. Mine looked like this.


The next step deals with the front part of the hair. Take small sections of your hair and roll them up and secure them using hair rollers. Do this to the whole front section. Mine looked somewhat like this.


Place a hair net over your hair and go to sleep lol or you could leave it for a few hours, about 6 hours preferably.

The next morning take out the rollers and separate the curls. Pin one side of the front section to the side so that the curls look as though they are falling over the other side of your hair. These are the results.




pretty cool huh? Try it out and see how it goes. Feel free to let me know what you think.

until next time…


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  1. Francess says:

    You are so talented Teshie it’s amazing 🙂

    1. teshieogallo says:

      Awwww so sweet. Thankyou love.

  2. regina massite says:

    teshie this hairstyle is so gorgeous

  3. becky says:

    I love your blog tesh….

    So creative 🙂

    1. teshieogallo says:

      Thank you so much girlie!

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