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haha so I’m back again with yet another post… get ready to be bombarded with new posts because there’s just so much I wanna share with you guys.

So in this post I wanna talk about my overload of clothes. Like guys HONESTLY! I need to get rid of the tonnes of clothes I have. I can’t even keep up with them.

I recently moved out again to this beautiful two bedroom apartment and the closet space isn’t big enough to fit all the many clothes I have. This makes my room super untidy because there are just bags everywhere filled with clothes. . . . .and more clothes. . . . .and even more clothes! I even gave out some to charity last week but this barely did anything to lessen the amount.

So I have come up with a better strategy. After reading this blog called The Tiny Closet I decided my clothes need to go!! One does not need many clothes to always look fabulous. If you have a good style, even with the bare minimum, you’ll still be rocking it. (as I learned from this blog) Ā Check it out here.

Anyway I’m gonna be selling all or rather most of my clothes over the next couple of weeks… I saw this event in Capetown where people can sell second hand clothes but I was too late to sign up for a stall. However, this is not going to stop me from letting these clothes go.

I’ll be selling everything……from blazers, to jackets, to pants, to dresses(evening dresses, summer dresses, etc), to tops…you name it! And with the way I’ve been having money problems lately, this seems like the perfect solution. It always bugs me when I can’t afford something then I look around my room and see the big clutter of clothes I don’t even need. Most of these have only been worn once or twice or even never.

So if you’re a friend, acquaintance or just someone who’s spotted me in something that they would like hit me up and we can arrange a transaction lol. Like for real. I will plan a more formal event though where I will have all the clothes being sold on racks and will invite you guys to come and buy them. Details of that will be up soon on the blog but for now feel free to just hit me up if you have already spotted something.

Help me live a tidier, and more humble life guys šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚


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