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I’ve really been wanting to talk about my experience at the EASOC MET Gala that took place about three weeks ago.

For those of you who don’t know EASOC stands for East African Society. It’s a society at UCT that I joined in my first year mostly because I am East African and it made me feel closer to home as I got to meet many other Kenyans and East Africans through it. It was a great platform for making friends, especially through the various events they held, and I can confidently say that I met some of my closest friends in Cape Town through EASOC.

This year, after being a dedicated member of the society for almost two years, I thought I ought to help out more. I decided to run for a position in the committee for next year, 2016. I couldn’t think of a better position for myself than Media and IT Manager. I knew that this was where I could help out a lot in the society. I managed to get the position and I thank everyone who believed in me enough to vote for me. Hopefully, I will make a difference.

Their last event was a gala dinner where we were supposed to embrace our culture. The traditional performances were really impressive. I mostly enjoyed looking at the different cultural inspired outfits that people rocked up in.

For my outfit, I used some old African print material which was lying around aimlessly in my room. I had made a matching skirt earlier this year so I quickly used the left over material to come up with a ruffled top. Not having my sewing machine here with me in Cape Town has made coming up with new outfits so much harder. I basically have to keep it simple to be able to hand stitch it.

Anyway, here are a few photos of my outfit and the event in general.







The above is a photo of me and the outgoing Media and IT Manager, Arnold, for EASOC 2015


I had a really great time and thank everyone who made it possible.

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