Hey gorgeous people. Thank you for taking your time to read my blog, today, and every day you decide to click on my website and come read my thoughts. I really just wanted to check in with you before the year ends to see how you’re all doing. Also, I thought it fitting to do a 2017 highlights post because you know my life has been all over the place this year. It’s been such a series of ups and downs but mostly ups though. Each year I sit down to go through all my blog posts for the year to see my growth, progress and plan for the next year. This year was no different. It’s so funny how much we put ourselves down while comparing ourselves to others not realising just how much we alone have accomplished. Today, I’m here to acknowledge all my accomplishments this year and give myself a pat on the back for getting through such a hectic busy year. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

January 2017: I ushered in the year doing my internship at an IT firm in Nairobi called Fintech Kenya Ltd. It was such a challenging time for me working an 8-5 job while trying to revive my love for blogging and trying to stay happy doing something that wasn’t my true passion. Doing it with my sister Aggie definitely helped me get through it. I also met such amazing people in the workplace who I’ve now come to call my friends and I’m really grateful for the opportunity.


February 2017: I completed my internship successfully at Fintech Kenya Ltd. This was such a milestone as initially it felt like it would never end. I also turned 22 on February 20th and vowed to make the most of the rest of the year focusing on what I truly loved.

March 2017: I launched my website!!!!! This was sooo exciting as I did it all by myself thanks to my background in coding and IT. I was previously running a free site under WordPress but decided to take the next step and get my own personal website this year. I worked on it for like 2-3 months. Haha this is what I used to do during my lunch breaks and free time during my Internship at Fintech. I also returned to Cape Town after 3 months of being away to continue with my University studies. I couldn’t have been happier to be back in the Mother City where my heart truly lies. I also moved into a new apartment. My room was the most gorgeous thing and I had such a deep relationship with it. From the balcony, to my large bedroom window that overlooked Table Mountain, to the soft couches and big space. It is by far the best place I’ve lived in Cape Town and it pains me to have to move out again come February 2018. I also met the sweetest soul who was my flat mate for the rest of the year, my sweet Athi. Thank you for coming into my life just when I needed you.

Athi, Teshie Ogallo's housemate

April 2017: My sister graduated!!!!! Her achievements made my dreams and goals even more visible and for that I’m forever thankful to her for always being such a good example and role model. My family also came to visit in Cape Town as they had to attend my sister Aggie’s graduation.I was going through a mini depression at this time and having them around revived my soul.

Aggie Ogallo graduation

I also got media accreditation and got to attend MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK 2017 which was definitely the highlight of my year!!!! The networking I did during MBFWCT2017 as well as various features and social media posts from the event gained me a lot of traction and many brands started to approach me for partnerships.

May 2017: I signed a couple of contracts and actually started making money from my blog which was just waaaaay too exciting as I could see the fruits of my labour finally ripening. I had a chance to work with different brands such as Miss Fashion Week Africa, Travelstart South Africa, On trend S.A. and Decorex S.A. I also got to work as a stylist in my first ever studio photo shoot with a professional photographer and model.

June 2017: was a bit slow because school started getting hectic and I had to take a break from blogging to focus on exams and school work. However, I started to receive a number of press drops and PR packages in June. Being a student blogger, I think I appreciate freebies more than the next average blogger lol. I also had my first paid photo and video shoot with a lifestyle magazine RCS where I got to show people how I style my headwraps.

Oh another thing, I attended the biggest food and wine festival in Africa and got to bring my media team along for the Good Food and Wine Show 2017.

July 2017: I attended a number of fashion events including the launch of such a cool initiative in Cape Town called StyleXposure that aims to promote upcoming and fresh creatives in Africa. This event was held at the Mercedes Benz Showroom in Century City which made for such an awesome photo shoot and future car goals!!!

Teshie Ogallo at StyleXposure

Teshie Ogallo at StyleXposure Mercedes Benz Century City

Teshie Ogallo at StyleXposure Mercedes Benz Century City

I also wrote my exams, packed up my bags and came back home to Nairobi, Kenya to spend some time with family. In Nairobi I started my 30 day vlogging challenge on YouTube which was way harder than I expected it to be but which helped me really improve on my editing skills.

I also got to visit our village home in Sega, Nyanza , Kenya for my late grandparents’ memorial service and I got to fly to Kisumu for the first time ever.

Teshie Ogallo in the village

One last thing, I got invited to my first ever media event in Nairobi, Kenya which was the launch of the new Oppo Phone at Oppo Fashion Night at Radisson Blu Hotel.

August 2017: I VOTED in Kenya’s presidential elections for the first time ever!!!! I  I also got my eyebrows silk-waxed for the first time ever all thanks to Benefit South Africa and Ruby Box Beauty who sponsored me.

September 2017: Got invited to a number of events and networked more and more!!!! I especially enjoyed the launch of the new Olympus camera as we got to test it out on Long Street.

Teshie Ogallo Olympus EM-10 MK III review

I was also a panelist for the first time ever at the creative event “Six Degrees From Home”.

October 2017: Started getting invited to tonnes of events. I couldn’t even keep up and had to cancel on quite a number. I attended such cool events gosh from Heineken’s #OpenYourCity, to Canon’s Red Bus Photo Tour. I also worked with Travelstart South Africa again. All this time I was networking my butt off.

November 2017: more blog work, WAY MORE events and a lot more networking. I started working with overseas brands and started getting paid via PayPal. My best events in November would have to be Free Range Jewels all women’s event where we got to make our own silver DIY jewellery, H&M’s Canal Walk Store Opening, On trend S.A. ‘s pool party and fashion show, the 20th Anniversary of Africa Com and the launch /store opening of Chan Wela Beauty Spa where I won a prize for best social media post about the event. I also got a whole new wardrobe of shoes from Jada Footwear and Shado Wholesale Market who I collaborated with to market their new store of wholesale affordable shoes.

I then wrote my end of year exams and passed them!!!

December 2017: I decided to stay for the first two weeks in Cape Town as opposed to coming straight home to work on a few projects for my blog. I applied for and got media accreditation to the Red Carpet Fashion Show where I had such a BOMB time with my girl Aisha as we were treated like such VIPs. I got to work with Papa Droo Promotions and attended Cape Town Sevens Rugby Tournament where I had such an amazing time with my girl Sally. It was literally my second best weekend after Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this year.

Teshie Ogallo at Cape Town Rugby 7s 2017

I also attended the launch of the Entertainer 2018 which was at the Cape Town Comedy Club which I visited for the first time ever.

I then packed up all my bags, put my belongings in storage and flew to Nairobi to spend the holidays with my family. I visited my village home for the second time this year. 2 trips to the village in one year is something I hadn’t done before.  Haha I’m getting comfortable in the village you guys. I genuinely don’t hate it as much as I did before. This is how you know I’m maturing. Put me in any environment and watch me flourish. While in the village, my sisters, my daddy and I crossed the border to Uganda and I can now add it to the list of countries I’ve visited. So much happened during my 4 day trip to the village. I don’t want to spoil anything so wait for all the drama unfolded in my next blog post next year lol. Today is the 31st of December and I’m going for my first ever NYE fireworks party with my mum and sisters at Karen Country Club. I am beyond excited and hope to see some of you there.

I haven’t yet uploaded a lot of content from November and December’s blogging events and work which I hope to do in January 2018 so stay tuned for more exciting stuff on my blog.

Until next year, stay safe and I wish you all a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!!! Thank you for all the continued support this year and through out my blogging journey.

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